Donald Trump, Jr. 'fixes' Nike's Kaepernick ad


The College of the Ozarks wants you to know it does not like Nike's ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick.

However, another Twitter user Teri Shockey countered: "To everyone who is planning to #JustBurnIt, might I suggest you donate your @Nike merch instead? Even if it means sacrificing everything". "They wanted something that would stop the presses and stop people in their places".

"Just Blew It", posted another.

It's no coincidence that Kaepernick's jerseys still are big sellers, a couple of years after his last snap. "You can not do that". Still, he acknowledged the company's right to take a stance.

Kaepernick is shown a couple times in the video, including the closing line where he says, "So don't ask if your dreams are insane, ask if they're insane enough". Nike shares are up 28 percent so far this year, outpacing the S&P 500 consumer discretionary sector.

Nike did not return a request for comment about its strategy.

Jim tweeted, "There was no humor in the Nike branding agreement and that could be a blow to the National Football League and Superbowl".

Following Nike's announcement, Americans have started burning their branded trainers and clothing in a demonstration of their own.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the NFL released a statement saying the league "believes in dialogue, understanding and unity".

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"Serena Williams. her catsuit and them supporting it and now seeing them pick up Colin Kaepernick".

Barry Lowenthal, CEO of The Media Kitchen, praised the campaign and said Nike has long proven successful in using celebrity endorsements to promote its brand, a precursor to what is known as influencer marking in the social media age. "But I'm such a huge, huge, wholehearted supporter of Colin that I'm very proud that someone understands what he's done and (is giving) him some kudos".

Williams was also questioned about the role of athletes in social activism and responded: "I don't think athletes have a role to play". It appears the slogan applied to Nike itself, as well.

One thing that bothers me is that some people lump together all the athletes involved in these protests.

"You may have a negative reaction or a positive reaction, but you have a reaction", he said. He said one true test of a company's values is if that company is willing to stick to them even at a financial cost.

John Sweeney, sports communication professor at the University of North Carolina, said the Kaepernick ad was created to provoke people, and in that respect, it succeeded.

The Kaepernick ad is not only about racial justice, Holt said, but also tackles civil engagement. He later switched to kneeling in order to be respectful to those in the military.

That said, some of the other stuff Kaepernick has said and done, including wearing socks depicting police as pigs, goes way beyond respectful to stupid.

"That is badly needed in our polarized society", Holt said.