IPhone Xs and iPhone XR Can Read NFC Tags in Background


Let's break down Apple's new iPhone release dates.

Later sale date: While the iPhone XS devices go on sale September 21 (preorders start September 14), you won't be able to buy the iPhone XR until October 26 (preorders start October 19). Except if you actually compare the iPhone SE with, say, the iPhone X, then the difference is startling.

To rub salt in their wounds, the 6 series is the last iPhone to come with a headphone jack.

Apple took to the stage yesterday to unveil its brand new lineup of iPhones.

The iPhone XR starts at $749, £749 and AU$1,229 for the 64GB version. Even if you are not a big fan of Apple or any at all, you can't deny the fact that the marketing team over there makes awesome promo videos - they are lively, cool and attractive, especially the "Hokey Pokey" one. It introduced the cut-price, plastic-shelled iPhone 5C alongside its.

Google to kill Inbox early next year
Google informed The Verge that none of the Inbox team had been let go which is good news for the future of Gmail. For reference, Google's entire Android platform hit the one billion monthly active user mark three years ago .

The investors reasoned that doing so would pose no threat to Apple, because the company makes the bulk of its money selling devices, not from how much people use them.

Also making it onto an iPhone for the first time, is the availability of a smacking 512GB storage option!

The iPhone XS will cost you €1,179, the iPhoneXR, the price will be €879, and the iPhone XSMax, which is the most expensive, will set you back €1,279. That said, with one physical SIM and one e-SIM support, not many are bound to be pleased with this decision.

After launching iPhone XR and iPhone XS premium phones, Apple India has dropped the price of its older smartphones, including iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. On the iPhone Xs and iPhone XR though, users can simply wake their iPhone and tap the NFC tag against their phone.