Trump Says He's Fit for Office, Citing Annual Physical Results


Ironically, it turns out plaid shirt guy wasn't the only person who wasn't considered worthy of standing behind the president.

Trump also raised the specter of impeachment if Democrats win control of Congress.

He was eventually asked to leave the rally and replaced with a woman who appeared to be with the Trump campaign to stand in his place.

Linfesty said the facial expressions that caused him to go viral were just his natural reactions to what the president was saying.

He merely obligatory to witness the president and hear his speech."I imply I'm no longer going to creep up the opportunity to witness the president of the United States", he mentioned.In the end, the Trump crew gave the affect to contain had ample.

"All of those reactions were my actual reactions", he said. Some stuff I agreed with, some stuff I disagreed with.

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The label of a Washington D.C. sweatshirt bears a U.S. flag but says "Made in China" at a souvenir stand in Washington , U.S. The tariffs would potentially hurt U.S. companies that import everything from handbags to bicycle tires.

President Donald Trump says he is willing to testify to Russian Federation special counsel Robert Mueller, but only "under certain circumstances" that continue to be subject to negotiations. He told The Daily Beast that he had won VIP tickets and met Trump before the rally started for a photo-op. "When people signed up to go to the rally, their names were placed into a draw and I was chosen. I knew I was getting kicked off for not being enthusiastic enough so I decided not to fight it", Linfesty said.

Clips of the rally flooded the internet, with thousands of people hailing Plaid Shirt Guy as the face of all Trump critics on account of how utterly baffled he seemed to be at nearly everything that came out of the president's mouth.

Trump has challenged that poll's accuracy, but he also seems to recognize that a "blue wave" in November could pose a threat to his presidency.

"It's still hard for me to believe that people are recognizing me in the hallways as "plaid shirt guy" now", Linfesty said. He retracted that claim Saturday when his spokeswoman told the Billings Gazette newspaper that the Democrat "misspoke" and that the White House had pushed back, not canceled, the meeting. Seeking to portray the Montana farmer as a tool of liberal Democrats, Trump said, "Jon Tester talks like he's from Montana, but he votes like he's Nancy Pelosi" - a reference to the House minority leader, a frequent Trump target. "The woman, she came in and she just said, 'I'm gonna replace you.' And I just walked off".

"I think it's a big waste of time because there's no collusion" with Russians who sought to influence the 2016 election by hacking Democrats, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to a political appearance in North Dakota.