Paris Knife Attack : 7 British tourists injured, Afghan national taken into custody


A French police source said: "At this stage there is nothing to indicate that it could be a terrorist attack".

SEVEN people including two British tourists were wounded in Paris after they were attacked by a man armed with a knife and an iron bar, according to police and other sources.

La Parisien said the alleged attacker is of Afghan descent.

Two of those stabbed were British tourists, according to BFM.

Evidence is shown on the street in downtown Paris where seven people were wounded in a knife attack on September 10, 2018.

The stabbings reportedly took place in the Quai de la Loire district of Paris, located close to the Bassin de la Villette, just before 11pm local time.

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Of the seven victims, four have been seriously wounded, after the man began his wild stabbing spree at 10:45pm with a knifing near a local cinema.

It is the latest of several knife attacks France has seen in recent months, with terrorism being ruled out in most cases.

Le Parisien says that three people were stabbed at MK2 Cinema, and the others were attacked nearby.

In May, a Chechnyan national attacked four people in Paris with a knife, killing one and injuring four.

'He had an iron bar in his hand which he threw at the men chasing him, then he took out a knife, ' he told AFP.