Twitter Is Permanently Banning Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones


Last month, Twitter gave Jones a small punishment for his inflammatory behavior on the platform-a one-week suspension that prevented Jones from tweeting or retweeting from his personal account.

The article cited the president's tweet calling on Silicon Valley to stop censoring social media users in its so-called fight against fake news.

Jones is the publisher of Infowars, a media outlet that has been criticized for peddling conspiracy theories, including that the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 did not happen and was staged by the government. "This whole Russiagate thing is about delegitimizing the election that the people had in 2016", Jones said.

But Jones was on hand to cast a shadow over a different show - a pair of marquee congressional hearings scrutinizing the influence two of the nation's largest technology companies, Facebook and Twitter.

Rubio then turned back to a reporter and ignored Jones's repeated interruptions before an aide jumped in to end the interview. Rubio, a Florida Republican, serves on the committee and was taking part in the hearing.

Jones was complaining that Republicans aren't doing enough to go after an alleged purge of conservative voices by social media.

Rubio grew angry when Jones patted him on the shoulder, and told Jones not to touch him again. "I'll take care of you myself". When Jones tried to answer a question for Rubio, speaking loudly over the senator, Rubio laughed and said, "I don't know who you - who is this guy?"

After Jones asked if he was going to be arrested, Rubio said, "You're not going to get arrested, man".

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"You're not going to get arrested".

I do think Alex Jones is a clown but, unfortunately, he has a point.

A spokesperson for Rubio's office said the video speaks for itself.

"But I don't wanna be touched; I don't know who you are", Rubio repeated.

If nothing else, this confrontation succeeded in making us all even more embarrassed for America than we ever were before.

Twitter has a long way to go before it's a safe platform for people to use, but this is a step in the right direction.

"A Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Beast that Jones" exchange with Darcy - in which he referred to the activist reporter as a "rat", "possum", "evil-looking", and a "virus" - violated the platform's Terms of Services.

Ortutay reported from NY.