Passengers fall ill on two flights from Europe


In an another apparently unrelated health scare, passengers on four Southwest Airlines flights in Texas may have been exposed to measles in the last 16 days.

Passengers traveling on two separate American Airlines planes were quarantined in Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon after becoming sick with flu-like symptoms, airport officials said.

At least 10 passengers were admitted to the hospital after an Emirates flight from Dubai landed in NY around 9:00am.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, City Hall spokesman Eric Phillips said early reports indicated that passengers had been become sick with the flu.

Nineteen people have been taken ill after an Emirates airline plane landed in NY, officials say.

Emirates flight 203 arrived at JFK from Dubai and was taken to a staging area, where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Port Authority Police awaited its arrival.

The aircraft was carrying around 521 passengers.

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Pictures posted on social media showed ambulances lined up on the tarmac next to the A380, the largest passenger airliner in the world.

"We will have more information as passengers and crew members are evaluated", the CDC says.

Larry Coben, who identified himself as one of the passengers aboard the plane, uploaded photos on Twitter showing dozens of police and emergency vehicles waiting outside the plane on the tarmac.

"After your flight and your immune system was compromised, you can do things that you would do at home like get enough rest, drink enough water, exercise, eat well", he said.

In another tweet, Sykes said that after noticing the state of some of her fellow passengers even before the plane took off, "I asked for a mask but they don't have any".

Emirates announced that the return flight to Dubai, EK204, would be delayed by approximately three hours.