Our First Look at Brie Larson as 'Captain Marvel'


Set photos from Disney's Captain Marvel that hit the internet earlier this year offered a look at star Brie Larson in a green suit, which led to much speculation over how far the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film would stray away from source material. His future boss Ronan (Lee Pace) is also part of Captain Marvel, seen in two separate images (at the end).

Captain Marvel will transport audiences back to the '90s and introduce audiences to Brie Larson's Carol Danvers, who will cross paths with several new allies and adversaries in the highly-anticipated film.

The movie is expected to reveal how Fury and Captain Marvel meet. Her call sign is "Photon", EW reports, and she's also a single mother to a young daughter. "And she's got a formidable enemy in the form of [shape-shifting] Skrulls". According to Law, his character sees her as a kind of special project, an extraordinary individual he must guide as she learns both her role in the Starforce and how to use her powers. Ben Mendelsohn plays their leader Talos, who spearheads a Skrull invasion of Earth.

In the comics, Maria only appeared a handful of times since her first appearance in 1984, and her primary character trait is that she worries costantly that her daughter Monica will get herself killed working with The Avengers. And she can be headstrong and reckless and doesn't always make the ideal decisions for herself.

Samuel L. Jackson Responds To Captain Marvel Images
With this movie's retro era, this is clearly setting up Marion's appearance at some point in the present in future movies. That's a motif throughout the piece, the element of learning to control one's emotions and to use your powers wisely.

An earlier photo of Larson in costume from the Captain Marvel set was released a few months ago featured only the green, black and silver costume.

Marvel Studios' first female title character arrived with this years Ant-Man and the Wasp, while March 8, 2019's Captain Marvel will be the MCU's first solo female headliner.

But never to be forgotten is Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and the Fury we see in "Captain Marvel" isn't one were familiar with.