Samuel L. Jackson Responds To Captain Marvel Images


"My hope is the conversation you and I will have a year from now, you'll have a sense of the choices we've made over the course of an entire year of Marvel movies", McFeely continued.

The first image of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel debuted Wednesday from Entertainment Weekly.

According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege, who spoke to The Toronto Sun in April, Captain Marvel is a "heroine that you haven't seen before", one that can "kick a-" but is also "funny and sassy and talks back". What ends up happening is that part of Mar-Vell's DNA fuses with Carol's granting her superhuman powers.

For starters, Larson's Danvers is revealed as part-human, part-Kree with no mention of a psychotron anywhere.

The EW photos confirm that in the MCU Talos CAN shape-shift, as he takes on a human form and infiltrates S.H.I.E.L.D.

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What we do know is that when Nick Fury was in a real spot of bother, he had seconds to call one person, and he called her.

What are the Kree, you may ask? Described as a "single mother", in the comics, her daughter Monica goes on to become the superhero Photon. EW's report attempted to be cagey about who Jude Law is playing in the pics, but we already know he's Mar-Vell, Carol's comic book predecessor.

Head on over to for more! We've had space-beepers. That's a motif throughout the piece, the element of learning to control one's emotions and to use your powers wisely. The film will be the 21st in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the first female-led in the universe. With this movie's retro era, this is clearly setting up Marion's appearance at some point in the present in future movies. It even features a Nick Fury who's got two good eyes and a desk job at SHIELD.

Marvel used special de-aging technology to the actor took look like his 1990s self.

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel is directed by the writing/directing team of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, whose credits include Mississippi Grind and Half Nelson. The article gave some context about Captain Marvel's green costume by establishing that the film opens with Carol fully empowered and a member of the Kree Starforce.