Chrome Turns 10 and Gets a Bunch of New Features


Now you can complete simple search tasks right in the Omnibox without leaving your tab, such as looking up the definition of a word, translating text, or even answering simple questions with definitive answers.

Researchers at cybersecurity and penetration testing consultancy SureCloud have uncovered a weakness in the way Google Chrome and Opera browsers, among others, handle saved passwords and how those saved passwords are used to interact with home Wi-Fi routers over unencrypted connections. Chrome now lets you personalize the New Tab page with your own wallpaper, and you can finally - yes, finally - add your own links to the New Tab page for quick access.

Chrome has been so pervasive and influential for so long that it's easy to forget how slick, streamlined, and refreshing it felt when it debuted. In case you're wondering about performance, Google says it continues to work on improving startup time, latency, memory use and more, although it doesn't seem we'll see changes there to this particular build. The major update is in line with Google's Material Design approach, which gives the browser a modern touch.

Google Chrome's new look brings a new design for desktop, Android and iOS users.

Google's Chrome recently turned 10 years old.

This new user interface is easy to spot because it uses a predominantly white color tone along with rounded tabs, a big shift from Chrome's regular grayish UI with angled tabs.

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Front and center is a redesign of Chrome's UI.

Chrome's getting a new tab on the desktop as part of the latest update as well.

The iOS update is available on the App Store and the Mac version directly from Google.

Once the password has been created, Chrome will save it to both your browser and Google account. That's version 69, if you haven't updated Chrome on your desktop yet, which should be available on all platforms - the mobile version has also been updated.

The Chrome team has added a little easter egg to help you celebrate a decade of Chrome.

The Omnibox will know if you have a website already open if you're a tab hoarder with over 24 tabs open, as it will suggest for you to "Switch to tab". Say you're shopping for a couch online and want to see how it would look in your living room. You can also customise the new tab page with a background of your choice as well. Whether someone will be annoyed enough to stop using Flash or abandon Chrome depends on the user, of course. Not only will it proactively autocomplete queries and show answers before you can click enter, but it will also route you to now open tabs if you try to search for them. Hit the button below to head to the Google Chrome listing.