Forecasters eyeing tropical system headed into Gulf


Showers and thunderstorms moving through the Caribbean are being watched for possible development into a tropical system during the next few days as they approach the U.S.

Finally, while the tropical wave now over the Lesser Antilles is showing some increase in shower and thundershower activity, immediate tropical development is extremely unlikely due to high levels of wind shear. Due to high wind shear and its proximity to land, little development is expected over the weekend.

The potential tropical cyclone still has winds of 35 miles per hour.

As of Friday evening, Tropical Depression 6 was still just south of the Cabo Verde Islands off the coast of Africa, strengthening as it moved west.

A tropical wave moving through the Caribbean is set to bring heavier rain and storms to the area for part of the Labor Day weekend. Then once it enters the Gulf of Mexico, it could get slightly better organized and affect the northern Gulf Coast between Tuesday and Thursday.

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Met Éireann, Ireland's national forecaster, do not issue long-range forecasts and therefore can not confirm the possible storm.

The National Hurricane Center is only predicting a tropical wave that could turn into a tropical storm within the next 48 hours, with an increase of chance of rain this coming week for Sebastian and Vero Beach. It is not expected to be a threat to the US coast.

Tropical storm warnings continue for the southern Cabo Verde islands, including Santiago, Fogo and Brava.

They claim that the storm is likely to form over the next 14 days with a central pressure as strong 943mb.

The start of September means we are now at the height of peak hurricane season, therefore, it's not unusual to find a new storm has developed in the tropical.