First Look At iPhone XS and New Apple Watch


Firstly, we hope you don't mind if we stick to the iPhone XS moniker for this article. If you're interested, you can add the event to your calendar from here. Inside, it will be incorporated with improved wireless charging coil for faster charging.

As per the rumors, Apple is set to unveil three models of iPhones with one model bearing the largest screen ever featured in iPhone.

Tech giant Apple has historically held September events to announce its new iPhone models, and this year is no exception. The event, held on the same date as past year, will kick off at 10 a.m. PST. Notably, all new iPhone models are expected to have edge-to-edge displays, gesture controls, and FaceID. A gold version is also expected.

The physical Pride Edition watch strap also appears to have been removed from sale in Russian Federation. It looks like it will have a larger face, thanks to smaller bezels rather than an increase in dimensions. Furthermore, the watch also sports a new hole below the modified Digital Crown with a red outline and side button, hinting at a new feature which may be another microphone.

What appears to be Apple Watch Series 4 (used with permission from 9to5Mac). Will the illusive mat finally launch? The new iPhone is expected to in fact be three devices: an iPhone X 2018, replacing and upgrading the current iPhone X flagship, launched previous year, but also a larger version.

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The operating systems are now in beta, having been announced earlier in the year at WWDC 2018. In 2013, Russian Federation added a new law commonly known as the "gay propaganda law," which relies on some of the same homophobic ideas you've heard here at home: that anything outside of strict heteronormativity is an affront to "traditional family values", and children are to be protected from it so that they don't get the wrong idea.

This is a September Apple event, so we'll likely see the company debut the newest iPhones. A genuinely inventive handset that got our blood racing for Apple iPhones once again. Although the rumours point to a more significant update in 2019, with better water resistance. When it does so it looks like Apple will introduce a new 13in Mac laptop at the same price - around £1000/$1000.

As for the Apple Watch, we're again looking at something that largely does not deviate from the Apple Watch as we know it today. It is expected to be retailed in the price range of around $600.

While those have been the most rumored devices ahead of the September event, rumors have also been floating around about an updated MacBook Air and Mac mini. An iOS developer was alerted to the mistake, and he shared all the details with the world on an Apple news blog. It happens every single year without fail, and it happened again in 2018.

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