The economics behind Ryanair's bag rules


Customers who booked tickets before 1 September for travel after 1 November will still have to pay the after-booking fees of £8 for priority boarding or £10 to check the bag.

The changes mean passengers who aren't priority boarders will have to pay an extra £8 for a bag up to 10kg. The new control frames in airports are calculated with a margin for items with dimensions up to 42х20х30 inches.

The measure will kick in at the boarding gate on November 1 and for all bookings made after September 30.

Ryanair has amended its baggage policy for the second time in 12 months.

Under the current rules, priority customers can bring two bags of hand luggage into the cabin for free while non-priority passengers can only take one small bag into the cabin.

Some 60 per cent of Ryanair customers will be unaffected by this bag policy change, the carrier said, since a third of customers already buy priority boarding.

Irish LCC Ryanair has again tightened its hand-luggage limit for non-priority passengers as it strives to limit boarding delays.

Kenny Jacobs, chief marketing officer at Ryanair, said: "This new policy will speed up the boarding and cut flight delays".

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However, if you chose not to pay for priority, your bag would be tagged and placed in the hold, for free.

Ryanair claim the new policy will "speed up the boarding and cut flight delays", attributing the lengthy process of checking second items of hand-luggage into the hold for free is the main cause for delays for the airline.

As of November 1st, anyone who hasn't bought priority boarding will have to cough up an extra £8 if they want to take a 10kg travel suitcase with them on their trip.

However, customers will still be permitted to take one "small personal bag" into the cabin, as long as it fits under the seat in front.

They will have to pay an extra £8 to bring a second bag weighing up to 10kg.

Priority customers will continue to be able to carry on two pieces of hand luggage - the small carry-on bag, and the larger 10kg bag.

"All customers can still bring their smaller bag into the cabin, and we've increased the size of this smaller bag by over 40% from 35 x 20 x 20cm (14,000 cm³) to 40 x 20 x 25cm (20,000 cm³)", a Ryanair Spokesperson told TRBusiness. According to the company's website, they also have the option of cancelling their booking for a full refund.