Hawaii News Now: John McCain, 'maverick' senator, dead at 81


During the 2008 election, McCain put in two appearances on Saturday Night Live, including one opposite Tina Fey, who played VP candidate Sarah Palin (watch it below).

Mr McCain's wife Cindy said she was heartbroken by the death of an "incredible man".

Most recently, he was a thorn in the side of President Donald Trump, keeping up his criticism of the White House even while undergoing severe medical treatment in Arizona. He was 81 and had been battling brain cancer. Ellen DeGeneres wrote, "I was honored to have met John McCain". "I hate to leave".

The son and grandson of Navy admirals, Mr McCain was a fighter pilot during the war in Vietnam.

McCain reportedly disinvited to Trump to his funeral, but encouraged former presidents to attend. Later, his will broken by beatings, McCain signed a confession. McCain has written that that's when he learned to trust not just his legacy but his own judgment - and his resilience. In 1986, voters there sent him to the Senate. All five denied improper conduct.

In the end, John McCain simply wanted what was best for his country. As a leader of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees, he was at the forefront of a group of senators who saw Putin's Russian Federation as a growing threat to America.

Landmark legislation from 2002 regulating the financing of political campaigns bears his name, along with Democrat Russ Feingold.

"Ones like him don't come along very often". In October 2017, McCain blistered Trump's "America first" foreign policy approach as a "half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems". "The State of Israel salutes John McCain". Trump later acknowledged that McCain was a hero, but refused to apologize in subsequent interviews. Back on McCain's Arizona ranch, the senator gave Collins an extensive nature tour of the property.

"I may have said some things here today that maybe you don't agree with, and I might have said some things you hopefully do agree with". "He loved the birds".

McCain withdrew his support to Trump's candidacy after he was heard bragging about sexually assaulting women in a recording that was made public just before the elections. The bus was called the "Straight Talk Express", and that's what he promised to deliver at the town halls.

Trump's legal team unaware of extent of McGahn's cooperation
It noted that McGahn played a key role in stopping Trump from firing Mueller, who was made special counsel after Comey's firing. Rudy Giuliani , an lawyer for US President Donald Trump , says co-operating with the Mueller investigation was now a mistake.

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McCain was elected to the Senate from Arizona six times but twice thwarted in seeking the presidency. But the town halls remained a fond McCain memory.

Domestic politics is often said to stop at the water's edge: that is, while overseas, politicians don't criticise the governments or leaders of their home countries. "They were so authentic and open and honest".

"No ma'am", McCain said, taking the microphone from her. "And he showed me what it is to be a man".

"John McCain was born to lead". Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., in 2009. His family and friends will be in our prayers. Face scarred and bruised from surgery, he pounded the lectern. He was his party's Presidential nominee in 2008, a naval veteran and war hero who chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee, one of the most powerful positions in the American Congress. He made a decisive vote previous year that killed Republican attempts to repeal Obama's health care reforms, and Trump never forgave him.

"We are so fortunate to call him our friend and colleague", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Twitter.

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McCain tangled with Trump, who never served in the military, for years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli politicians on Sunday hailed US Sen.

"He is a war hero because he was captured", Trump said in 2015. "Cecilia and I ask the people of Texas and of his beloved nation to join us in prayer as we mourn the loss of a true statesman". Romney released a almost 500-word essay on McCain and their friendship on his campaign website. "We encourage all Americans to take the opportunity to remember Senator McCain and his family in their prayers on this sad occasion".