Google Fit adds new tools to entice you to exercise


This morning the folks at Google revealed the new Google Fit. For newbies, the app also includes a coaching function with customized tips on how to earn more Heart Points and how to set and adjust goals for people who want to increase their fitness over time.

The new app will behave a little differently on iPhone, which doesn't have a standalone Fit app.

Google has updated Google Fit with activity rings that track your "Move Minutes" and "Heart Points". Move minutes are created to encourage you to move more and sit less. Fit integrates with Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal, so you will get credit for every Move Minute and Heart Point you earn. This will be easier to track if you have a smartwatch with a heart rate sensor, but if you don't Google will use a combination of accelerometer and (if available) Global Positioning System data to predict the intensity of your movements.

Just to make sure the user isn't JUST moving, the new Google Fit also focuses on Heart Points. These will see Fit users closing rings as they earn those points. In an effort to improve its Android health and fitness app, Google has basically redesigned Fit to better support people's activity and wellness goals. More important, it will now prompt you to move more and sit less, and give you credit for activities that get your heart pumping faster.

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Google Fit is getting a brand new UI this week as well as a new focus on how you can stay healthy. A lower-key workout such as a brisk walk generates one point per minute, while an intense workout counts as two. You can also manually choose activities such as gardening, pilates, rowing, or spinning in the app.

All this physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep and improve mental well-being. Just like before, Fit will monitor activity using your Wear OS device (if you have one) and your smartphone.

If you don't use Google Fit for your fitness tracking, worry not as the app also integrates with nearly every other popular fitness app out there like Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal. The update will be rolling out to all devices - Android, iOS and Wear OS - this week.