Affordable, entry-level 2018 MacBook Air coming next month


Far more likely, I'd suspect, is a random press release announcing the launch. Judging from previous releases, this should amount to around £1,149 and about AU$1,799. If the company launches and ships the new MacBook Air at the end of this quarter, then the Trend Force's predictions will be right. The second quarter was the transition period when Apple was preparing for the releases of the upcoming new MacBook devices for the year.

Either a four-digit price is something Apple actually considers affordable to the wider public, or this laptop isn't created to be entry-level at all. With those now set to start shipping in mid-2019, Apple opted to launch with the 14nm Kaby Lake chips rather than delay the refresh by another year.

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According to rumors, it will collect on a hardware platform Intel Kaby Lake Refresh, i.e. inside it will be the Intel Core of the seventh generation, plus his face should be a screen on the 13 inch. Starting the fourth quarter, Apple will have a total of four iPads available in the channel, the narrow-bezel ultra-thin 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pros; the 9.7-inch entry-level iPad and the 7.9-inch iPad mini 4. As per a Digitimes report, which quotes industry sources, the MacBook variant could be priced at $1,200 (or approx Rs 83,700).

Finally, the report claims Apple will finally have an update on its 3-in-1 AirPower wireless charger, which could sell for between $150-$200. We've seen Apple widely adopt USB-C in its laptops and desktops, and with iPad Pro line being more tangential to those devices, we could totally see USB-C being used here. According to DigiTimes's sources, it will debut at around $193 (about £145, AU$258). So, like we said, it's doubtful Apple is going to shove another product into the mix and still keep the event to +/- two hours.