Omarosa Newman confirms hearing Trump use the N-word multiple times


US President Donald Trump on Tuesday lashed out at former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, calling her a "dog" as his fellow former reality TV star continued to publicly release recordings from her time in Trump's orbit. She also believes Omarosa used Trump and then turned on him.

Sanders linked to a tweet by the White House Council of Economic Advisers, which claimed responsibility for the "miscommunication".

In tweets on Monday night, Mr Trump denied ever using "such a awful and disgusting word".

But the ubiquity of the iPhone and other handheld devices and the proliferation of the #MeToo movement means more workers are using those tools to make recordings they hope might serve as evidence in the future, say lawyers representing both companies and employees. This is Sanders being questioned by NBC News's Kristen Welker. "So, it doesn't surprise me that when they're faced with the truth, they'll push back". I can certainly say I've never heard him use that term or anything similar.

Donald Trump asked Simmons, "What do you think of Ivanka?"

WELKER: Why haven't you asked him directly? Much of this commotion has revolved around the moment when Sanders said she couldn't guarantee that Manigault Newman was lying with her recent revival of the rumors that Trump is on tape saying the N-word. "I mean, you get up there and say 'the president just said the following but I'm going to tell you why he's wrong, ' you're not going to last very long", Spicer said.

"He wants to pit his base against successful African-Americans", she said. Just look at the economy alone. Obama added 3 million jobs held by African-Americans by the time he left office. He enjoyed every single person that was shocked by his abrasiveness, his attack on this African-American male athlete, which is his favorite, go-to thing. "If I recorded in the Situation Room, I would be sitting in federal prison". "I'm surprised we don't see that a lot more in corporate America". And I can tell you what the focus and the heart of the president is, and that's on helping all Americans. He said it. He's embarrassed. Pierson had previously denied that the conversation ever took place.

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But the whole thing has lent new credence to the idea that the tape, which before Tuesday was essentially a baseless rumor, might actually exist.

Lewandowski, who said he's never worked with Omarosa, said he thinks she made the claims to promote her book.

And after PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff accused Trump in 2016 of forcing an unwanted kiss on her, he denied the allegations and hinted that he wouldn't have sexually assaulted Stoynoff because he didn't find her attractive.

Too little, too late, many said.

In her book, she casts herself as a strong black woman who overcame humble beginnings and has often navigated hostile work environments with aplomb.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified Katrina Pierson as Kristina.