Nvidia released New Turing Chip Technology Targeting Film Industries


NVIDIA's new Turing architecture uses hybrid rendering to enable real-time ray tracing for video producers. The new Turning architecture will allow all sorts of complex lighting effects that will mimic real life lights, a process that used to be too resource-intensive to render in real time. It uses an algorithm that can trace the path of light and then simulate the way the light interacts with the virtual objects it falls upon in the computer-generated world.

NVIDIA revealed the next-gen Turing GPU architecture today during SIGGRAPH 2018, with some new Quadro RTX graphics cards that are powering all sorts of new demos. Nvidia has announced Quadro RTX 8000, Quadro RTX 6000 and Quadro RTX 5000 GPUs based on the Nvidia Turing architecture.

"Thirty years later we can put a Cray supercomputer behind every pixel", Huang said, announcing the world's first real-time ray-tracing GPU, the Quadro RTX.

Now, these RT cores will perform the ray calculations themselves at what NVIDIA is claiming is up to 10 GigaRays/second, or up to 25X the performance of the current Pascal architecture.

One of the biggest highlights of the new Quadro RTx GPUs is that they feature the company's new RT Cores with RT referring to Ray Tracing. That seemingly confirms that the new GPU will be called the 2080, not 1180, and carry the RTX branding like the new Quadro GPUs. For the a year ago, Nvidia has been demonstrating ways to dramatically improve the speed of ray-traced renders by using machine-learning techniques, but Tensor-derived tools may end up being of as much interest to effects-savvy editors as to VFX artists.

Applications enabled by the AI-accelerating Tensor Cores include advanced capabilities like anti-aliasing, denoising, scaling and retiming.

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The new architecture is created to enable realistic-looking light and shadow effects or what the industry calls "ray tracing". The other cores leveraged, Tensor, are stated to accelerate deep learning training and inferencing, providing up to 500 trillion tensor operations a second. The platform includes application programming interfaces for ray tracing, AI, rasterization and simulations.

The cards will incorporate "new and enhanced" VR technology such as variable rate shading, multi-view rendering and VRWorks audio and represent the first implementation of 16 Gb GDDR6 memory from Samsung, supporting applications including 8K film production and post, the company said. End-users can also easily provision render nodes and workstations based on their specific needs.

How Turing will translate into gaming graphics isn't clear.

The new Quadro RTX Server is easy to deploy and can scale from small installations to the largest data centers, at a quarter of the cost.

Kent Tibbils, vice president of marketing of ASI Corp., a Fremont, Calif. -based distributor, said his company's customers in the channel are more eager to hear about Nvidia's forthcoming announcement of a new line of GPUs for gaming PCs and high-performance desktops.

A former chip executive and an analyst with Moor Insights and Strategy, Patrick Moorhead said that, "Where Nvidia gets the biggest bump right now (from a new chip generation) is in the workstation market, which makes it all that more competitive".