Ex-White House Staffer Releases Tape Of Her Firing


Tim Scott (R-S.C.) believes that President Donald Trump is moving in the "right direction" on race relations in the United States.

Manigault Newman acknowledged she was "complicit" while defending Trump in the past.

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman says she has personally heard a tape of US President Donald Trump using racial slurs.

Manigault Newman also reportedly secretly recorded Trump, then used those recordings as leverage while shopping her book.

In it, Kelly told Manigault Newman it was time for her to leave the White House because of "significant integrity issues" related to "use of government vehicles and some other issues", which he didn't detail.

Newman says she took his words as a "threat" and wanted the world to know the truth. She recorded the conversation and provided the audio to "Meet The Press."

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The video was overlaid with the captions "All love on this side" and "No excuses just work". We have a lot of respect for our opponents, No. 1, and everyone in the league.

"There's no question that some folks took offense to some of his tweets or things that he said [on the travel ban on Muslim-majority nations]", Scott said, noting he himself thought Trump's calling some countries "**it-holes" was "not helpful and offensive", though "I'm not sure that was specifically racial".

Omarosa Manigault, (former) White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison, talks with aides prior to a news conference by US President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, US, February 2017. "Just over half of white voters, 51 percent, say race relations have worsened under Trump, while larger majorities of African-American voters (79 percent) and Hispanics (60 percent) say they have gotten worse".

Trump unleashed a furious backlash a year ago when he engaged in jaw-dropping moral equivalence, saying there were "very fine people, on both sides" (meaning both Nazi sympathizers and anti-Nazi protesters) and later claiming there was "blame on both sides".

"I protected myself because this is a White House where everybody lies; the president lies to the American people, Sarah Huckabee [Sanders] stands in front of the country and lies every single day", she said. However, she told Todd on Sunday that she was able to hear the tape for herself after her book published. In the book, Manigault-Newman calls Trump a racist, a bigot, and a misogynist.

"Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House" is set to be published by Gallery Books on August 14. "I was told yes, it did", Garrett told CNN.

"You have a reasonable expectation of confidentiality and privacy in your conversations at your place of work", Conway said. "Black diversity in the White House is nearly oxymoronic at this point", former Republican National Committee Michael Steele, who was the first African American to serve in that role, told the Guardian. "If she broke federal law, she should be prosecuted", McDaniel tweeted.