New Trailer Arrives For Red Dead Redemption 2


It's possible then that this could be a feature-length look at the gameplay and world of Red Dead Redemption 2, as opposed to some sort of sizzle reel. Rockstar Games is setting the bar for video game visuals with this release, and one of the first things that jumps out is that they managed to finally nail something video games have struggled with since their inception - facial animations. Otherwise, Rockstar has confirmed that you'll be able to watch Red Dead Redemption 2's gameplay trailer on its official website, or through its YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels.

We've seen a few trailer for the game to date, but nothing showing any actual gameplay. We see a range of settings in the footage.

Back in 2004, Rockstar Games unveiled its first Old West single-player action-adventure game, Red Dead Revolver. Your gang will set up various camps along the way through the main mission, and these camps serve as a homebase of sorts where you can eat, sleep, play games, and do chores. Rockstar is making sure that the world and its inhabitants can be interacted with in ways aside from shoot-outs, and one large part of that is an expanded conversation system.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Rockstar announces new Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay video

So far, we know that that Arthur Morgan is Red Dead 2's protagonist.

What do you think about the new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer? In the sequel, gamers will take control of Arthur Morgan, a vital member of the Van der Linde gang. Before Thursday's new reveal, fans had to be content with scrutinizing a trailer from May 2, which has been streamed over 25 million times. It won "Game of the Year" accolades from a number of publishers and sold over 15 million copies so it's not hard to understand why even if you didn't get to play it.

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