Women's Month: Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed regardless of HIV status


Breastfeeding advocates around the world were appalled recently when the U.S. refused to pass a run-of-the-mill World Health Organization resolution that encourages countries to "protect, promote and support" breastfeeding, instead electing to favour the interests of infant formula companies. The celebration provides wonderful opportunity of refreshing knowledge or setting agenda for nursing mothers on breastfeeding for a whole week.

Breast milk is packed with nutrients that encourage a healthy Immune System and ensures that the baby is protected from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), middle ear infections, diabetes and decreases the risk of developing psychological disorders.

Breastfeeding is providing optimal nutrition and reducing the risk of disease later.

"For infants to survive, grow and develop as they should, they need to be breastfed".

They also viewed that malnutrition is responsible, directly or indirectly, for about one thirds of deaths among children under five years old. For this, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed for up to two years and beyond with addition of complementary foods from the 6th month. It also offers a quiet relaxed time for mother and baby to bond. The findings from WHO and partners estimate that global economic losses from lower cognition associated with not breastfeeding reached more than US$ 300 billion in 2012, equivalent to 0.49 per cent of the world's gross national income. "It is recommended to meet a Lactation Counsellor at least 20 days before the mother joins back to work", Satyan adds.

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Speakers at a post-rally discussion in Rajshahi on Thursday mentioned that sufficient breastfeeding is of paramount importance for physical and mental development of babies. Studies have shown that these practices facilitate breastfeeding, showing improved rates of babies taking the breast and successful nursing.

Statistics from the Ministry of Public Health revealed that 18.6% of Qatari children and 36% of non-Qatari children exclusively breastfeed during the first six months of life.

"But these are actually signs that the woman's body has adjusted to the baby's feeding requirement".

Hiwet Darsenie, Nutrition Expert in Women and Children Health Directorate with the Ministry, for her part said that the Ministry is celebrating the breastfeeding week to raise awareness among the people, and inform the significance of breastfeeding, and engage mothers to feed nutrition for childrens. The bank has been supplying milk for babies in the city, both in the private and government hospitals, for ten months now. OGHS has also recently earned The Gift designation The Gift is an evidence-based designation program for Louisiana birthing facilities created to increase breastfeeding rates and hospital success by improving the quality of maternity services and enhancing patient-centered care.