Mission Impossible Fallout Joins PUBG MOBILE In Promotion Crossover


PUBG should have looked at how successful the Avengers and Fortnite cross-over was, in which Epic Games offered a special Thanos mode into their Battle Royale game.

Actor Tom Cruise is 56, so it's downright incredible that he continues to convincingly lead a summer blockbuster franchise, and that Hollywood has continued to allow him to do so, especially considering his propensity to perform his own stunts. Mission: Impossible - Fallout achieves the second-best start in the franchise for its first day in France. The rubber masks play a big role in the story, which is enhanced by other clever devices and, of course, that pounding theme that you can't get out of your head.

To access the Mission: Impossible event on PUBG Mobile, just load up the game and wait for the update to finish.

The tie-in brings a number of new avatar skins and customizable parachutes, alongside in-game rewards and challenges centered around the action movie, which is now playing in cinemas worldwide.

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"Mission: Impossible - Fallout" Takeover: Players will experience all-new background music and customizable parachutes themed to the film.

PUBG Mobile is available to download for free on the AppStore and Google Play. In the US PUBG is making only 30 percent revenue as per the reports.

Players on PUBG mobile can now access a host of Mission: Impossible-themed content, after the battle royale shooter announced a month-long tie-in event throughout August. Unlike the Fortnite promo, however, the Mission: Impossible content is exclusive to the mobile version of PUBG.