Google Clock App Lets You Wake Up to Spotify


Especially if it wants to be considered a serious competitor to the likes of Apple Music or Spotify.

Google Clock is introducing a new feature that allows you to connect your Spotify account and wake up to whatever playlist you wish. We doubt that every one of those releases will be jam-packed with new features, but at least we can expect a steady flow of updates.

Google's Clock app comes preinstalled on some Android devices. One of the most requested features, SD card support is rolling out as of right now, something that was available on Google Play Music for quite some time.

To sum up only a few of the issues, the music migration has yet to take place between Play Music and YouTube Music, users can't sort anything alphabetically in the app, and another pain point is the idea of subscribing to an artist's YouTube channel when all you wanted to do is add their music to your library. You will able to select between two tabs for picking alarm sounds: Regular alert tones, and Spotify music.

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We basically got to a point where we felt like what we had was good, ready to see the light of day.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson has also told 9to5Google that YouTube Music will be receiving a similar integration into Google Clock in the near future. To understand the differences between Spotify Free and Premium, see Pocket-lint's comparison guide here.

You'll need the latest versions of Google Clock and Spotify installed on your phone in order for this to work, and according to Google, all users running Android 5.0 or later should have access to it within the next week.

Once the alarm goes off and you switch it off, you'll supposedly be able to continue listening to Spotify.