Bandits steal Sweden's crown jewels from cathedral before speeding off in motorboat


The Swedish royal family is said to be fuming after thieves made away with some of their most prized Crown Jewels.

The jewels - including two crowns and an orb, were taken from Strängnäs Cathedral.

Authorities have been using a helicopter and boats to search for the culprits, they added, but no arrests have been made so far.

The stolen items, made of gold, pearls and other precious materials, once belonged to Charles IX and his wife Christina, who ruled Sweden in the 17th century.

He said: "I have talked to someone at the county administrative board that says it is not possible to put an economic value on them - these are invaluable objects of national interest".

Witnesses told Aftonbladet how they were enjoying lunch on a fine day when they saw men running from the cathedral in all directions.

The thieves took two crowns and royal orb from the cathedral, which is located west of Stockholm, and took off in a motor boat that was moored just below the church.

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In a press statement, police said they then launched a manhunt by land, sea and air, but by the evening had not been able to catch the robbers.

Strangnas is a small town south of Stockholm.

Maria Ellior, an official with the Swedish police's National Operations Department, told the local TT news agency Wednesday that the items would be "impossible to sell".

Police officers work at the scene after thieves stole royal crowns from the 17th century from Strangnas Cathedral, in Strangnas, Sweden July 31, 2018.

It said: "The police's work has continued during the night but it has not resulted in any significant successes in the form of suspected persons or detention".

"It's despicable that people would steal from a holy building", he said.