Florida man struck by auto while attempting 'In My Feelings' challenge


Drake's "In My Feelings" may be the track of the summer with the viral dance craze that has accompanied it, but if you do those moves in Egypt, you could face a year behind bars.

Like countless others who recorded themselves jumping out of cars just to dance to Drake's latest hit single, "In My Feelings", Boynton Beach resident, Jaylen Norwood was attempting to stand out from the pack.

The fever started when web comic Shiggy presented a video on Instagram of himself showing off his NY dance moves to the infectious tune.

What is KiKi challenge?

Despite its popularity, the dance challenge has been criticized for serving as a risk to road safety (as is wont to happen when one jumps out of a moving auto to dance). Later American footballer Odell Beckham Jr also recorded himself dancing outside his vehicle. People are seen crashing into poles and tripping on potholes.

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One woman was even targeted by thieves when she was mid-Kiki-Challenge.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon apparently chose to show the kids how cool he was, doing the-traffic defying "Kiki Challenge" that's sweeping social media.

But the Indian police have warned people, to not do such challenges in public places as Spain and Dubai cops have banned it and in some countries, few social media stars were sent to jail for encouraging the same.

After Mumbai Police and Uttar Pradesh Police, Delhi Police has now issued a warning against the viral #KikiChallenge, also known as #InMyFeelings challenge.