Sheffield set for lunar eclipse THIS WEEK


The July 27 eclipse will last for 1 hour and 43 minutes, according to NASA. This thing occurs due to the fact that the moon is perfectly eclipsed and because of the sunlight, it appears red. The total eclipse will last for 1 hour and 43 minutes, wherein the moon will be in ideal alignment with the sun and Earth.

The next time there is a total lunar eclipse this long will not be until June 9, 2123.

Europe, eastern Asia, Australia, Indonesia, and other regions will enjoy a partial lunar eclipse, where the moon passes partly through Earth's shadow. "On the 27th July, Mars will be at its closest to the Earth, with the moment of opposition itself being in the early morning, although here in the United Kingdom we'll have to wait until nighttime".

The red moon will pair well with Mars, which reaches opposition just before the eclipse and will also appear orange or red in color.

During the total eclipse - which begins at 7.30am New Zealand time - the moon was much fainter than it usually appeared, and was coloured between dark brown and blood red.

The longest lunar eclipse of the century will produce the spooky sight as the Moon develops a reddish tinge.

The lunar eclipse will follow on the 27th and the eclipse season will end with another partial solar eclipse on August 11, which will also be visible here in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, this eclipse will start at 10:02:08 and end at 13:30:40.

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The previous discoveries said that Moon wasn't as dry as it was and claimed there was a chance that ice or water may be trapped within Moon's lunar poles. The full Eclipse can be seen in nearly all parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Australia.

"In the middle of a lunar eclipse it can look as if a red planet has taken up residence near the Earth - they are both eerie and handsome and I'll certainly be looking out for it!" The penumbral phase of the lunar eclipse will start at 8:15pm Doha local time. These events will play out simultaneously over the night sky, on the final hours of July 27, and the early hours of July 28.

Is it safe to watch the lunar eclipse?

The Red Planet will make its close approach on July 31 at a distance of about 35.8 million miles, according to NASA.

"South eastern observers will be able to see the eclipse for somewhat longer than north western ones".

The combination of a supermoon and total lunar eclipse creating a blood moon last occurred in 1982 and will not happen again until 2033.

Do you need special glasses to look at the moon? But during a lunar eclipse, the glow of the moon has a much less intense brightness than the sun.