Stop copying our flag! New Zealand lashes out at Australia


Speaking on TVNZ, Peters went on the offensive, claiming that Australia flagrantly copied New Zealand's flag, and for that reason and that reason alone the entire sovereign nation should be forced to change it up.

The two countries have almost identical flags: New Zealand's is blue with a Union Jack emblem in the top left corner and four red and white stars on the right side; the Australian flag is also blue with a Union Jack in the corner, but it has one white star below that and five white stars to the right.

Peters, for what its worth, is also getting chirpy at Australia over our nasty little habit of deporting accused New Zealand criminals without a trial.

The New Zealand and Australian flags bear a striking resemblance, with both featuring a royal blue background, a union jack in the lefthand corner, and the southern cross.

New Zealand flag 50 years older than the Australian, he was admitted in 1902. The Australian flag was adopted in 1954, after going through three previous iterations since 1901.

Nevertheless, a historian quoted this week on Newshub said that Australia was already awash in flags bearing the Southern Cross long before the design hit New Zealand.

But who came up with the design in the first place?

Australia's has five seven-pointed white stars.

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The only major difference is that the Australian version has six white stars, five representing the Southern Cross, while New Zealand depicts the constellation with four red stars.

It took 10 months and roughly $17 million for New Zealanders to decide they didn't want a new flag. But in 2016, after a finalist for a new flag had been selected, nearly 57 percent of Kiwis opted to keep their old flag.

In truth, the flags of both countries are virtually identical.

After the failed referendum, it seemed that the flag drama between the two countries had perhaps cooled down.

Why is New Zealand so angry?

The past weeks have seen Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and New Zealand's Justice Minister traded barbs over the deportation of hundreds of New Zealanders.

'There's a lot that we do for New Zealand'.