Salmonella recalls: Everything that's been recalled for potential Salmonella contamination


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates salmonella causes about 1.2 million illnesses and 450 deaths in the USA each year, with food the source of an overwhelming majority of the cases. Most people infected develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps.

In October 2017, the CDC reported a record high number of illnesses linked to backyard flocks, in which 1,120 people were infected.

So far, 34 ill people have been hospitalized but no deaths have been reported.

Chicks and ducklings from multiple hatcheries have been tied to the outbreaks, and numerous people stricken reported getting chicks and ducklings from sources including feed supply stores, websites, hatcheries and relatives, said the agency.

The CDC website said, "This outbreak is a reminder that raw turkey products can have germs that spread around food preparation areas and can make you sick". A quarter of the reported cases are children under the age of 5.

According to the CDC, people can get sick with Salmonella infections from touching live poultry or their environment.

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Health officials say birds can be carrying salmonella bacteria even if they appear to be healthy and clean.

The investigation showed that several strains of the Salmonella bacteria are involved in the outbreaks: Salmonella Seftenberg, Salmonella Montevideo, Salmonella Infantis, Salmonella Enteritidis, Salmonella Indiana, and Salmonella Litchfield.

Twenty-six percent of the illnesses are in kids younger than five-years old. The symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to an entire week, but most people recover on their own.

"Always wash your hands after handling live poultry".

The trendiness of backyard chickens has probably contributed to the rise in these illnesses, Nichols added, as more people want to know where their food comes from and are providing it for themselves. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

-Have a pair of "outside shoes" for the chicken coop.