Let's all get looney about the best lunar eclipse in 100 years


Path of the Moon into Earth's Shadows and the times during the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 28 from Brunei DarussalamLooking about West at around 2am from Brunei Darussalam, the Blood Moon and Mars will put on a stellar show on July 28.

Although it is expected to last 103 minutes, those in the United Kingdom and Ireland will not be able to see the start of the lunar eclipse as the moon will still be below the horizon.

Thousands of people will be able to see the total eclipse when the full moon slips into the Earth's shadow. Deemed as the longest lunar eclipse in 100 years, with a duration of one hour and 43 minutes, the celestial phenomenon will be visible in India.

Red light had a better chance of doing so for the same reason the sky was blue - shorter wave-lengths were scattered more efficiently by the molecules in our atmosphere.

Because the total lunar eclipse had be ongoing at the time of moonset and sunrise, there were few vantage points on our planet to experience it - but New Zealand was fortunately one of them. The fact that the moon appears so small and takes longer to pass through Earth's shadow is also why the eclipse lasts longer. It is completely safe to look at an eclipsed moon with the naked eye.

He said this eclipse will be even longer than the one in January which was close to 45 minutes long. During an eclipse, though the moon is in the Earth's shadow, some sunlight still reaches it after passing through the Earth's atmosphere.

Skygazers should watch out for the astronomical event because, scientists highlight that the next opposition of Mars and Sun will occur on 6 October 2020, but then the Red Planet will be farther away than it is now.

This is what gives the phenomenon the name "blood moon", though Mark Bailey of the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland said the colour can vary greatly.

St Helens Star
Don't miss tomorrow's Blood Moon — the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century

The Earth's red shadow will begin creeping across the moon at 1:15 p.m.

Will the blood moon be visible in the UK and the United States?

The total eclipse will follow at 11.30pm, with maximum viewing at 12.21am. At least two lunar eclipses happen every year.

Pramod G. Galgali, Director, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, said, "Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses can be witnessed without any special equipment".

Why will the eclipse last so long?

Viewers in the Middle East, eastern Africa, southern Asia and India will be in prime position to witness the entire eclipse.

This full moon in July is also known as the Full Buck Moon and the Thunder Moon, occurring when a male deer's antlers are in full growth and at a time of frequent thunderstorms, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

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