MLB Home Run Derby: How to watch, when it starts and more


Harper gave an uppercut fist pump after matching Kyle Schwarber's 18 homers in the championship round on the final swing of his allotted 4 minutes.

For as Harper himself said after capturing the derby crown, if the Nationals can bottle Monday's magic and retain it over the next three months, postseason success could at last await. Fans (of Schwarber's) saw Harper's father, his pitcher, throwing the pitches before the previous home run had landed. I can tell you the winners of every Derby and how many home runs they hit, but to compare Harper's final-round outpouring of power to ones from the past is impossible.

Aside from Nationals megastar Bryce Harper - who ended up winning the slugfest - there wasn't another marquee superstar talent on the derby hit list.

In the post-game interviews, Harper couldn't stop praising the crowd and the D.C. fans in general.

Harper did really well in the 2018 MLB Home Run Derby.

"It was a ton of fun", Schwarber told ESPN.

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Hoskins downed Aguilar 17-12.

Schwarber, who beat the Astros' Alex Bregman in the first round and the Phillies' Rhys Hoskins in the semifinals, went first in the championship round and put up an impressive number.

Harper ran into a similar situation his his second round, dragging behind as Muncy led with 12.

In all, Hoskins hit 37 homers in two rounds, with the deepest two going 466 and 463 feet.

Harper did, hammering 10 balls out to tie it.

As Harper was blasting home runs on Monday, the Nationals made a public apology to their finance department. Hoskins pumped most of his drives into the left-field seats, where it's 336 feet down the line. The difference was the pair of homers that Schwarber hit during 30 seconds of extra time.