70 new emojis are coming soon (including more hairstyles!)


According to Facebook statistics, the heart emoji has been used twice as much in posts and on the messenger app compared to past year.

New emoji for iPhone and iPad owners are on their way, with Apple revealing over 70 of the new emoticons coming soon in iOS 12.

Tomorrow is "World Emoji Day", apparently. These emojis are obviously modelled after their real-world counterparts, which got Google thinking: can we use the power of our phones to find the real world versions of the emojis we use every day?

But yesterday afternoon Apple finally confirmed the news that we've been waiting for: We're getting ginger emojis and we're getting them this year.

Here are the 70 new emoji coming to iOS
World Emoji Day: Apple teases 70 new characters

Apple began celebrating World Emoji Day a day early, unveiling 70 new emojis coming to its platform later this fall. It also has more smiley faces including a cold face, party face and face with hearts.

Facebook's least popular emojis include "Person Playing Water Polo", "Man in Suit Levitating" "1 Keycap Digit One" and "Mouse Face".

There are also several new animal emoji, such as Parrot, Lobster, Kangaroo and Peacock. While Animoji allowed users to animate the facial expressions of emojis, Memoji will give you the ability to create a custom emoji that would look just like you. Healthy people will enjoy texting their friends a mango or bunch of lettuce, while other will binge on cupcake and mooncake emojis.

Other emoji that have been added include a sports emoji for softball, a superhero emoji, and emoji for symbols such as the nazar amulet and the infinity symbol.

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