Google Phone app on Android can auto-filter spam calls to voicemail


Now you can set your phone up so that whenever Google detects a call is potentially spam it can automatically kick that call to voicemail so your phone won't even ring. The call will go straight to voicemail, and whether or not the spam caller leaves a message, users will not receive a missed call notification. However, everyone's results may vary.

To use caller ID and spam protection, user's phone may need to send information about your calls to Google. Users are also notified if the call couldn't be completed. The Phone app is now capable of automatically filtering out calls detected as spam and sending them to voicemail, The Verge reported. The feature is called Incognito and it works exactly like the one on Google Chrome. Furthermore, when the Phone app suspects a spam call, it alerts a user by turning phone's entire screen red (when it rings).

How to send spam calls straight to voicemail with Google's phone app
Google Phone can now filter some spam calls automatically

Google explained how to activate the Android spam call blocker through a dedicated Google support page.

Like Google's Gmail spam email filter, its spam call filter is likely to be highly effective even if it can not prevent all spam calls. This feature will protect you from the spam callers and will block the calls coming from unknown sources. Some apps, such as the popular Truecaller, have been around for a while to help users block this kind of unrequested contact, but some Android users can now benefit from this kind of filter without any additional software. Users will then be asked if they want to block the number.

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