IHOP flips back to pancakes, drops IHOb name


IHOP is serving up the truth about its IHOb name change.

The company went next level and changed its Twitter bio to say: "If at first you don't pancake. pancake, pancake again".

IHOb should really stand for "International House of betrayal", because less than a month since the big reveal, the former burger house is reverting back to its pancake roots. But the effort did not create a significant increase in the company's purchase consideration, which measures the likelihood of consumers eating at a particular restaurant chain. Today, it was back on social media, this time to promote a pancake deal tied to IHOP's 60th birthday.

Now we know it was just a marketing scheme to get the word out about its new burger line.

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After the name change, that number jumped to 30 percent.

The national diner tweeted on Monday that they will reverse the name change decision and announced a celebratory date for the restaurant.

The IHOb name change was never meant to be permanent. "They're still there. They're on the cover of the menu", Rebelez said.

"It remains to be seen whether the buzz will translate to people being more likely to consider dining at IHOP", according to Business Insider.