Trump focusing on three appellate judges for Supreme Court nomination


On the issues, while Kavanaugh has certainly stood for many conservative causes, some have voiced concern that he isn't reliably conservative enough.

Like Kavanaugh, Kethledge is a former Kennedy clerk and would no doubt cite that experience in attempting to appeal to moderates. He is a graduate of the University of MI, where he received both his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctorate degrees. He is based in MI.

"When the president presents the Senate with his choice for the Supreme Court, I will thoroughly review the record and qualifications of that nominee", Donnelly said in a readout of the meeting.

An opinion Kethledge joined in 2016 similarly raised questions as to the centrality of originalism in Kethledge's approach to the Second Amendment. He serves alongside two other short-list members, Judge Amal Thapar and Judge Joan Larsen on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, where he has served since being appointed in 2008 by President George W. Bush.

Thirty years later, Tyler sought to have his right to purchase a gun, lost forever as a result having been in a mental hospital for 30 days in the 1980s, restored. "Judge Kethledge has also criticized judicial activism, which is when judges insert their own policy views into their decisions rather than applying our laws and Constitution as they were written and understood at the time they were enacted". "We're more focused on making sure that we have judges that look at the facts of the case and apply the law". Mike Lee of Utah - who is on the list of 25 - but the White House characterized the conversation as consultation.

"The key insight", Sutton concluded, "is that no government may permanently deny rights based on generalizations stemming from classifications about any individual who once was institutionalized".

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Trump's nominee will replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who announced his intention to retire last week after three decades on the high court.

Barrett, 46, a former law clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia and a Notre Dame Law School professor, was grilled for her Christian beliefs eight months ago by Sen.

"I think I have it down to four people, and I think of the four people, I have it down to three or two". Manchin said in a statement he would meet with and evaluate Trump's nominee, adding that he is open to backing the right selection. He announced the Senate wouldn't consider Obama's nominee because it was a presidential election year. She's only been a federal judge for about a year. In addition to serving as a Judge, he also teaches a class on appellate law at University of Michigan Law School. Barrett has excited social conservatives since she was questioned about her Roman Catholic faith in her nomination hearings past year, but her brief time on the bench has raised questions. But her main rejoinder to Hawley is that he has signed on to a lawsuit from 20 conservative states that takes aim at the Affordable Care Act's protections for people with pre-existing conditions - one of the most popular portions of the law.

Schumer this week called abortion rights and the health care law "the most consequential issues" at stake in the fight. She was confirmed with 55 bi-partisan votes, one more vote than Justice Gorsuch received.

The Senate is tasked with vetting and ultimately confirming or rejecting whomever Trump chooses to fill the vacancy on America's highest court. He plans to interview two or three potential candidates. She and her husband have seven children, one with special needs.

After Republicans won control of the Senate in 2014, McConnell became leader - and the confirmation of Obama's nominees started grinding to halt.