Paul Manafort being held in solitary confinement, lawyers say


Former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is asking that his trial be moved from Northern Virginia to Roanoke, according to court documents.

Paul Manafort is being held in solitary confinement while he awaits trial.

Mr. Manafort submits that a fair trial will impossible without a change of venue to Roanoke, Virginia.

His lawyers asked to delay the first trial until after the one in Washington is finished.

Also on Friday, prosecutors said they would introduce evidence at trial showing that a senior bank executive helped Manafort get $16 million in loans in return for efforts to get him positions on the campaign and in the administration.

"Trump and his team have become increasingly frustrated with how long Mueller's probe is taking to complete, and Trump in particular has taken a more aggressive stance toward Mueller since the Department of Justice criticized the FBI's actions in 2016 in relation to the Hillary Clinton email probe", Fox News noted.

Warsaw is a 2-hour drive from Washington, making collaborating with his lawyers a challenge for the 69-year-old Manafort, they argued in court papers last week.

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Manafort is awaiting trial in Virginia this summer and in federal court in Washington this fall.

The charges in both courts mostly relate to pro-Kremlin lobbying work Manafort did for ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. John Dowd, former lawyer to President Trump, has called the imprisonment "harsh" and an "outrageous violation" of Manafort's civil liberties.

"Here, it would be hard for the jury to understand why the loans were approved without understanding that the lender approved the loans, in spite of the identified deficiencies, because the senior executive factored in his own personal ambition", the Muller prosecutors charged in the filing.

In June, a federal judge revoked Manafort's bail and ordered him to jail after prosecutors filed new charges of attempted witness tampering.

Defence lawyers earlier said that Manafort was locked in a jail cell in Virginia for 23 hours a day, excluding visits from his attorneys and had been in solitary confinement because the facility can't guarantee his safety.

Manafort has asked a federal appeals court to order his release from custody pending his separate upcoming federal trials, the earliest of which starts in Virginia later in July.

The lawyers say his detention makes it "effectively impossible" for Manafort to prepare for trial.