EPA administrator Scott Pruitt resigns


Wheeler told the Washington Examiner earlier this year he was focusing on repairing relationships with EPA career staff who bristled at Pruitt's leadership.

Scott Pruitt, a former trustee of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, resigned as EPA administrator July 5.

Faegre Baker Daniels hired Wheeler from the Senate committee in 2009 and he lobbied on behalf of clients to slash environmental regulations and push for greater federal support for the fossil fuels industry.

Pruitt, who has been widely praised by conservatives for his deregulatory agenda, attributed his departure to "unrelenting attacks" against him and his family. "He made swamp creatures blush with his shameless excesses".

More bizarrely, Pruitt sent aides in search of a used mattress from one of Trump's hotels, and had them scour Washington-era Ritz Carltons in search of a skin moisturizer that Pruitt had once tried and liked.

"Going from a train wreck to a house on fire doesn't give us comfort", Deans says.

Scott Pruitt, whose tenure at EPA was tarred by corruption scandals and hostility to environmental regulation, offered his resignation yesterday.

Markey vowed to fight against Wheeler and said, "The future of our public lands, our waterways and oceans and the very health of the entire planet rest on the continued action of all Americans to take back the EPA from Big Oil and King Coal". He said Wheeler is a lobbyist who went "to bat for the very industries he's now being asked to regulate".

Pop the champagne - at long last Scott Pruitt, the controversial and destructive leader of the EPA has resigned!

Democrats and environmental groups decried Wheeler as an apologist for the coal industry.

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It is one he can win - and Democrats calling to eliminate ICE will have given him a potent weapon with which to do it. They are tougher and smarter than these rough criminal (elements) that bad immigration laws allow into our country.

"He will be less political and more straightforward in his approach to the job, which is better for the Trump administration agenda in the long run".

In the end, Pruitt was driven from office for having abused his position at a level outrageous even for this ethically compromised administration, where nepotism, self-dealing and abuse of office seem to be job requirements. Emails obtained by the Sierra Club environmental group showed Pruitt had an aide contact the chief executive of a fast-food chain about his wife becoming a franchise owner.

During congressional testimony in April, Pruitt was unapologetic, often blaming his staff for any agency missteps.

Then came reports of the large number of bodyguards he kept around him 24 hours a day, doubling the cost of his predecessors' security detail. Democrats accused him of endless misconduct.

As the former Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt worked hard to burnish his anti-gay creds, opposing marriage equality and the rights of transgender students.

Young's comments followed in the footsteps of Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, who recently called Pruitt "as swampy as you can get" because of recent transgressions.

"We're proud of him for that", Pollard said.

Pruitt, Oklahoma's attorney general at the time of his EPA appointment, had embraced the perks of office in Washington.

Pruitt's resignation comes after months of controversies over his expensive trips taken at taxpayer expense and "violating law by installing the $43,000 phone booth for Pruitt's office without telling lawmakers first", according to Reuters.

But despite boasts of slashing red tape and promoting job creation, Pruitt had a mixed record of producing real-world results. Speaking to later to reporters on Air Force One, Trump said Pruitt was a "terrific guy".