Sony Accidentally Uploads Full Movie Instead Of Trailer On YouTube


Some people say that the trailers are better than the movies, well what about when the trailer is the movie? It took over six hours for the "mistake" to be rectified and eventually the video was pulled down.

The link to the full movie which is now being removed and redirects to a blank video page stayed for nearly 6 hours and attained around 11,000 views as well, as reported by Gizmodo. The entertainment company accidentally uploaded an entire film to YouTube, instead of the trailer. Titled, Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer should have been maximum 2 minutes long video but it was not.

According to the IMDB, the film is to hit theatres on August 31,2018.

Members of the public also made fun of the find via social media.

One user wrote, "Another trailer that spoils the whole film", while another said, "Trailer gave the whole plot away".

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The low-budget film - which is about a Los Angeles-based hitman - had previously attracted little attention, despite having already been released in parts of Europe and playing at film festivals. "Pass." and "It's just the trailer the whole movie will be 4 hours".

"It takes much longer to upload a feature-length film than a trailer".

But the previously cold-hearted killer starts to develop empathy for the targets of his hit, and he is forced into making the hardest decision of his life.

The movie stars Richard Cabral, Ryan Dorsey and Clayton Cardenas, and is directed by Jon Matthews.