Ontario Government Suspends Price Caps On Secondary Ticketing


While the "wind-down" is effective, Ford's government has committed to honoring arrangements or contracts that have already been signed through programs for energy efficiency, insulations, and window retrofits.

The PC Party won a majority government after campaigning on axing cap-and-trade, which forced large companies to buy allowances for their carbon emissions. Decisions to continue any specific initiatives now supported by the fund will need to be paid for out of the tax base and will be made on a case-by-case basis in alignment with the Ford government's Plan For the People and the upcoming value-for-money audit.

TORONTO-Ontario's new premier has taken a step in his plan to dismantle the province's cap-and-trade system, a move some observers say leaves businesses involved in the program grappling with uncertainty.

"We are getting Ontario out of the carbon tax business", concluded Ford.

Ford spokesperson Simon Jeffries said in a statement that "the previous government attempted to institute a cap on ticket re-sales with no way to enforce that cap, resulting in less consumer protection". A spokesman for Ford said the ministers' offices are not now staffed and requests for comment should go to the premier's office. On Tuesday afternoon, the federal government was already criticizing the change in direction at Queen's Park.

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"Cancelling Ontario's plan to price greenhouse gas pollution without announcing an alternative is reckless and irresponsible", said Mike Schreiner, member of provincial parliament for Guelph, a city in southwestern Ontario.

The government also has to formally notify its partners in the Western Climate Initiative that it is withdrawing from the cap-and-trade system, Brooks said.

In Ontario, Ford's decision is drawing criticism from the opposition and environmental groups.

Ford's statement does not address those concerns.