'Avengers 4' Title May Have Been Leaked And Fans Are Losing It


When you think back, Avengers: Infinity War crammed an very bad lot of stuff into its run-time, even if it was a long movie. In doubt is only the fate of the survivors of Captain America and Iron man - rumors insist that someone of them will die in "the Avengers 4" in may 2019. The films were shot close together considering the massive cast size. Notably, Starlin's comic book titled Infinity Gauntlet was the source of Avengers: Infinity War's storyline.

Interestingly enough, Joe Russo has indicated the title of the film is not spoken in Avengers: Infinity War. But, they decided not to include the same in the final film due to the timing issue.

Starlin was told, despite being on set and helping out directors the Russo brothers, as well as the screenwriters, that "we have to cut out a lot of the Thanos backstory", explains Schnepp. "'We're cutting out like thirty minutes of Thanos" backstory, his origin, and him as a youth and things that he did.

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But a bit of clarification could come in the form of the film's title, which may have just been leaked online by a less than tight lipped crew member. "... The way he was saying it is there weren't going to be seen as deleted scenes, they were actually going to be reintegrated into the film to make a special edition". On this Kevin Feige, ...

Avengers: the warfare to infinity launched a couple of months in the past however the aftermath he left on MCU enthusiasts is indescribable.

"They brought us - all of us in one trailer, was a awful heat, we were all sitting under the air conditioner, and at this point we are told how the film ends - and nobody knew".