Google Home commands, Chromecast streaming down for some users


Informed of that fact, Google's Twitter team has conceded that it's working on the issue.

Google has confirmed the devices are knackered, but has so far provided no other information, saying only that it is investigating the issue.

Google confirmed there's a problem with both their smart speakers and the Chromecast, the plug-in video casting dongle for televisions. We will update this post when Google finds a solution to the problems affecting Google Homes and Chromecasts. As early as 2:30am EST, users on the Chromecast Help Forum had noticed that the Chromecast icon had disappeared on streaming services like Netflix, HBO and YouTube.

Google's internet-connected speakers are apologising for being somewhat less "smart" than normal.

To get it back up and running, users must reboot their device - which appears to be working for many.

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While the outage has now ceased, there was a fix for users who were having problems - and apparently it couldn't be easier. Google, however, refused to confirm the cause of the outage and whether or not it was associated with a broken software patch.

Google has not given a reason why the devices went down but has responded to tweets.

This outage seems to also affect devices with built-in Chromecast features like Android TV and select smart TVs.

"Your Google Home isn't set up yet". In Spain, The Home and Home Mini got launched last week, with Spanish support already available right from the beginning. I rebooted and reset. Soon after, those with Google Home devices also began reporting that their devices were encountering issues. "We are really sorry for the inconvenience and are taking steps to prevent this issue from happening in the future".