Microsoft and Nintendo Take Shot at Sony With Minecraft Cross-Play


Sony or the PS4 aren't mentioned, but the implication is pretty clear here because there's a Minecraft version for PS4 as well. A surprise Fortnite players were rudely greeted to when they tried to log into their account (tied to PS4) on Nintendo Switch.

With Microsoft and Nintendo now clearly working together, Sony will have to sit on the sidelines and that is most certainly a situation of its own making. By allowing cross-platform play, it is potentially giving up the powerful purchase argument of "my friend has this console, which means I need it, too". While Nintendo and Microsoft are working together to advertize Fortnite cross-play on their consoles, Sony have gone a different route in incentivizing players to stick with Sony by introducing a brand-new skin not available on any other console.

Microsoft and Nintendo are best buddies. Ultimately, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch aren't in direct competition with one another.

The answer is that these ads are rather entertaining trolling attacks targeting Sony's Playstation 4, which has been the subject of some recent backlash coming out of E3 over the platform's lockdown on its system's games. Sony may not be too keen on the idea of cross-play, but Nintendo and Xbox sure are capitalizing on it.

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Finally, the report suggests that PS Now will get a download option, effectively allowing users to play PS3 and PS2 games on the PS4 with no need for a persistent Internet connection.

But wait, didn't Minecraft come to the Nintendo Switch a year ago?

Sony is still in hot water with gamers over blocking cross-play between players on other consoles. However, the recently leaked PS4 Fortnite bundle looks to show when and how players will be able to do so. It's a courageous new world of compatibility, but not if you're a Sony gamer.

Sony has also put the kibosh on Rocket League cross-play, as well as Minecraft. As people get more and more upset, maybe Sony will change their mind but given this debacle has been ongoing for at least a year may be more than telling.