TIME Unveils Cover Of July Issue, Focuses On Immigration In US


John Moore, an award-winning American photographer with Getty Images, captured the photo while patrolling with border agents on Tuesday in Texas's Rio Grande Valley.

"As soon as it was over, they were put into a van", he told the magazine.

"For ten years covering immigration issues I've tried to humanize a story which is sometimes conveyed by some in the media in very statistical terms, and making photographs, or taking photographs, that make people feel is one way to humanize this issue", he said. "Nine days later-her image having helped force a president's hand-she's on the cover of TIME".

Being in the cover of TIME Magazine, has been a long-running obsession of Trump throughout the years and it goes so deep that in at least five of his golf clubs, from South Florida to Scotland, he hung a Time magazine cover featuring a picture of a cross-armed Trump with the words: "Donald Trump: The "Apprentice" is a television smash!".

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For now, there appears to be no impact on the other main military exercise known as Foal Eagle that takes place every spring. This comes after US President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un held a historic summit in Singapore.

Photographer John Moore spoke with NPR about the June 12 photo, shedding some light on the moving photo that's gone viral across the internet. The girl's mother was being frisked and body-searched (after which she was reportedly detained) when Moore took this picture.

Moore, who speaks Spanish, spoke with the girl's mother briefly before border patrol agents took them away. "For the first 240 years of USA history, at least, our most revered chief executives reliably articulated a set of high-minded, humanist values that bound together a diverse nation by naming what we aspired to: democracy, humanity, equality", TIME's Karl Vick wrote in the cover story that goes along with the photo. "I could see on their faces that they had no idea what was about to happen".

President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order aimed at halting the family separation policy. "They often leave with their children with their shirts on their backs". The striking use of these two images together exemplifies the debate around immigration, family separation, and the "zero tolerance" policy, which the Trump administration instituted in early May.