Google rolls out Android Messages to send and receive texts from desktop


Aside from desktop-based communication, users can also now search for GIFs from within the Android Messages app. Users can now send and receive text messages from their computer.

While Messages for Web is rolling out today, other highly anticipated features will join it over the next few weeks.

The premise of this tool is that it will allow you to send a received text via desktop, pretty much like the WhatsApp's web counterpart (or the iMessages). In April, Google's plans for turning Android Messages into something of an iMessage competitor were revealed.

Google launched its very own podcast app Tuesday, giving Android users yet another way to listen to their favorite podcasts.

Meanwhile, users will also be delighted to know that Messages for web will support sending of stickers, emoji, and image attachments like amusing GIF memes.

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Similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, you will be able to get a preview if you receive a link from your contacts. That said, Google doesn't always guess correctly, but smart replies can still be useful from time to time. Lastly, since Podcasts are synced through Assistant, you can pause on your phone and resume with a Google Home.

Whenever you're sent a link through text, a snippet/preview of the content will be given. All you have to do is open Messages on your phone, tap the options menu and select Messages for Web, and scan the QR code with your phone. Google recommends staying connected to WiFi in order to save your mobile data while using the desktop service.

Last component expansion that the organization featured is the capacity to effectively copy the OTP (One-time-passwords) that you get while doing any saving money movement, Two-factor confirmation access or enrolling to one of the numerous apps that depend on OTPs to validate your record.

Google announced previous year it is working with the mobile industry to bring SMS into the modern day, through a universal standard called RCS (Rich Communications Services). However, it will provide a great user experience to users. To make use of the feature, users simply need to type the name of the GIF and click on the GIF icon.

You shouldn't necessarily need to have your phone out to send a message, and over on the iPhone, that's what Apple's iMessage does. These AI features include the ability to read along with a podcast via automatic transcription, and the ability to read what's coming up next in the episode if you're looking to save some time.