Heat advisory issued for St. Louis from Friday through Sunday


Temperatures are expected to stay in the mid 90s across the city Sunday, and the heat will be around all day.

The weather service office in Wilmington also issued a moderate rip current risk on Sunday.

The heat will break with a cold front moving through Monday night that could bring more than an inch of rain.

Hartford County is now in a heat advisory alert as there is an expectation for high humidity and high temps. Heat index values will be a little hotter than that.

Our weather pattern will remain active heading into the upcoming week, with the chance of showers each and every day through Saturday. Some could be strong to severe.

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The Kansas City metro area is in for a sweltering weekend with temperatures and heat indexes pushing toward 100 degrees.

As the saying goes, some like it hot and if you're one of those people, you'll like the Father's Day forecast.

Tuesday, there's a slight chance for a lingering shower, otherwise the remainder of the week remains dry. Lows around 76. Highs around 93. Father's Day picnics and basements alike may spring leaks in the late afternoon, when storms bearing heavy rain are likely to crop up, lingering through the night. Lows will fall into the 70s overnight.

An Upper level ridge of High Pressure will plant itself across the SE & Mid-Atlantic states between now and next Tuesday.

"The most oppressive combination of heat and humidity will be during the midday and afternoon hours Monday", the weather service said.