Would you rather have net neutrality or an open internet?


But as the Federal Communications Commission's repeal of the rules takes effect, states are pushing their own laws to protect their version of a free and open Internet. Under President Obama, the Federal Communications Commission mandated that internet service providers treat all internet traffic the same.

How could the net neutrality repeal affect you? The slowdown was only fixed after Netflix agreed to pay for the upgrades.

Yesterday marked the end of U.S. government rules regarding net neutrality, but the new policy faces legal challenges from individual states, some of which have also developed their own rules on the matter.

A group of 22 states have sued the FCC over the repeal.

Pai says that by deregulating the internet service provider industry, there will now be "strong consumer protections" and that "entrepreneurs [will get] the information they need as they develop new products and services".

For now, no. But that could change in the future. Such arrangements, known as online "fast lanes" in the eyes of critics, threatened hefty tolls that only the largest businesses could afford to pay, net neutrality advocates warned. But unlike with the issues of blocking or slowing access to internet services, they've been much less definitive on fast lanes. Some consumers fear a slower Internet and higher costs for broadband delivery. The repeal will also let ISPs charge websites or online services for priority access to consumers. I just want the universe of ideas to be out there and people make their choices about what they consume.

"Net neutrality is the main street business issue of the year", said Chip Pickering, CEO of INCOMPAS, a trade group representing internet and technology companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix. Some users could opt-in to disclose their browsing history for a discount on their internet service. In 2015, the FCC stripped the FTC - the nation's premier consumer protection agency - of its authority over internet service providers.

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The rules oblige Internet service providers, or ISPs, to enable access of all content and applications, regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. For instance, recently I heard from a rural broadband provider in Vermont called VTel.

Net neutrality is no longer the law of the land. The court battle will also highlight how the FCC turned a blind eye to identity theft and fraud during the public comment period (which was the public's only real chance to express disdain for the FCC's policy). So, the broadband providers are likely to move cautiously.

Still, the providers have seem to be paving the way to make changes.

But they could start charging extra for services not yet offered. In reality, the ISPs' investments have continued to grow in the two years of post-net neutrality rules. And a fourth provision, a "general conduct" standard, gave the FCC the ability to investigate broadband practices it believed could be problematic.

Current FCC chairman Ajit Pai spearheaded the effort to return the internet to the way it was before the rules took effect, and despite the overwhelming support for keeping the rules intact, the FCC voted 3-2 to reverse course. "Congress will be monitoring the new rules to see if adjustments in the law are needed".

Do the states have any say about this?

. OR followed in Washington's footsteps in April, passing its own net neutrality law. And California bill moving through the state legislature would go one step beyond that would go one step beyond that by banning all zero-rating programs altogether.