PlayerUnknown's Battleground Vs. Fortnite - PUBG Corp Accused Epic Games Of Copyright Infringement


Despite its story as a free-to-play experience, the popular battle royale mode sold a whopping 5 million Battle Basses during its first day of Season 3.

"Fortnite" originally only had a "Save the World" mode, which was akin to a game's normal campaign mode. VOIP is also now available on the PC version of the game.

PUBG claims that Epic Games allegedly infringed copyright and filed a complaint to determine whether Fortnite copied the PlayerUnknown's Battleground game.

However, with this suit limited to Korea now and coming soon after Fortnite launched in the country, we'll just have to see how things pan out and whether suits are filed elsewhere in the world.

PUBG sues Epic over Fortnite similarities
'Fortnite' Developers Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Battle Royale Mode

Fortnite and PUBG have both attracted millions of gamers with their huge "last player standing" online battles.

Fortnite's Week 5 challenges were due to go live today, however developer Epic Games has announced it's rescheduling weekly challenges to go live on Thursdays rather than Tuesdays. However, a big difference between PUBG and Fortnite is that the latter also employs "sandbox" features; players are able to gather resources such as wood and brick in order to create bases to defend themselves. Analysts suggest the game generates more than $200m a month. It has a very cartoony and colorful theme whereas PUBG is gritty and more realistic.

Fortnite patch V4.3 will be bringing into the game its first vehicle ever.

The new Fornite patch will also drop a new hero to the game. If it's discovered Epic Games lifted code directly from PUBG without modifying it they'll have some sort of case on their hands. Assuming you have one in your inventory, you can use either of the two to finish off an enemy even if you used a different gun to down them. Sometimes bored. Catch me with hundreds of unplayed games in my Steam library.

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