Dominos’s Pizza is fixing our bad roads because the government isn’t


The tongue-in-cheek approach to promoting the ease of carryout follows Domino's announcement earlier this year that it would provide free insurance for carryout pizza, remaking it for free if anything should happen to it. The American pizza chain announced on Monday that it will help "smooth the ride home" for deliveries by making pothole repairs in towns nominated by their customers.

Just look up Domino's and Potholes and you'll find story after story of pothole after pothole being filled.

A courtesy photo provided by Domino's which is asking for nominations of towns in need of road repairs as part of its Paving For Pizza campaign.

Domino's will then help pave over the roads in the cities that get the most votes.

Fouracre declined to disclose specific grant details, but said they're "smaller", "not multi-million dollar" awards created to add on to pothole-fixing budgets. A spokesperson called it "an extremely isolated incident, confined to a single store".

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Domino's has even included a road condition meter on its website to show how pizzas are affected by mild, moderate, critical and catastrophic road conditions. According to their report, four crew members worked 10 hours to fix 10 roads.

Domino's will work with selected municipalities to fix roads that affect customers and their prized pizza.

People can nominate their town and Domino's will work with the local government bodies on the repairs.

KFC actually beat Domino's to this idea back in 2009, Fortune said.

America's infrastructure needs all the help it can get.