Cryptocurrency Mining on iPhone, iPad Banned by Apple


Apple's updates to the App Store guidelines now prohibit developers from making databases of info gleaned from address books, nor can they request access to contact info under one pretense and then use it for something else - they have to get consent for what they're actually using it for.

Cryptocurrency mining is often done on the sly.

As crypto mining through apps becomes more prevalent Mac has had to address it in the release of their new guidelines.

In a recent update, the personal computing company expanded its initial guidelines on cryptocurrencies. Apple's new iOS guidelines, specifically listed under section 3.15 called cryptocurrencies, ban apps from mining for Bitcoins and other virtual currencies unless it is done off-device (via the cloud).

In the Library tab, you can peruse your full collection of books with large, easy-to-see cover art, including the books downloaded to your device and a Finished section showcasing the books you have read in the past and the date you finished them, displayed in a timeline.

While the idea of mining cryptocurrency on an iPhone is nearly laughable, the message doesn't appear to be targeting apps built for the objective of mining cryptocurrency; those were already banned in a 2014 update.

Cryptocurrency Mining on iPhone, iPad Banned by Apple
Cryptocurrency Mining on iPhone, iPad Banned by Apple

Cryptocurrency mining is a process which requires a lot of computational power.

(Kitco News) - Tech giant Apple has taken a major step against cryptocurrencies by outlawing digital mining on all of its devices, including iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacBook Pros, and others. The move comes at a time when 'cryptojacking', a malware attack wherein malicious attackers scrumptiously hijack a computer or a phone's computing power to mine cryptocurrencies, is a growing menace.

The guidelines do allow apps that facilitate ICOs, as long as they work with established banks and follow all applicable compliance laws.

The Cupertino-based firm has updated its rules for publishing apps on the App Store and has specially mentioned cryptocurrency-related apps.

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