Armed man takes hostages in Paris


An armed man has taken a number of people hostage, according to reports, including a pregnant woman. The hostages have now been freed and the suspect arrested, the French interior minister announced.

The standoff began around 4:00 pm, with BFM television reporting that the man had entered the offices of a start-up company on the Rue des Petites Ecuries, a gritty area of the bustling 10th arrondissement.

Streets in the area have been sealed off by police cordons.

The police said there was no indication that the incident was terrorism-related, but declined to elaborate on the hostage-taker's motive. The hostages were held in a ground-floor office in a crowded neighbourhood.

Police officer rescues young boy running on busy highway
The boy runs away from the sergeant, prompting the officer to sprint after the boy south along Route 59. "You're OK. The 1-year-old was running alongside traffic, including large trucks whizzing by at risky speeds.

The male suspect reportedly asked to speak with the ambassador of Iran, Lefebvre said.

The police said they could not confirm whether the man was armed.

The hostage-taker also claimed he had an accomplice outside the building with a bomb, according to Lefebvre. The attacker, who appeared to be brandishing a fake weapon, had doused his remaining two hostages in petrol, the source said.

Paris police have not revealed how many people were taken hostage.