LeBron James to Sit Down With Miami Heat During Free Agency


Just like that, with James suffering a deep bone bruise on his right (shooting) hand that he feared was a fracture, this already-daunting challenge became "Mission: Impossible". "I gave everything I had", said the 41-year-old coach, who had to deal with an anxiety disorder and took a nine-game leave of absence in the regular season after suffering from chest pains. The last team to be swept before this latest edition of the Cavaliers was the 2007 Cavaliers team that got wiped out as quickly as possible by the San Antonio Spurs.

Yet when James appeared on the postgame podium with his cast, it only fueled the fire of faulty assumptions. Windhorst reported on Saturday that James' views have not changed.

"I get asked all the time about MJ, LeBron, and it's such a hard question to ask", Kerr told reporters, per USA Today . LeBron would create a super team in Houston allow side his buddy Chris Paul and fellow most valuable player candidate James Harden.

James was visibly upset on court after J.R. Smith's gaffe in the closing seconds of regulation in Game 1.

We also don't know how much the injury affected James, but it's fair to think it had at least a slightly negative effect on him and the Cavs, even if his underlying statistics were good.

"I'm her biggest fan when it comes to all that she's doing and for her to be in Cleveland to support me as we won another championship especially in her third trimester in her third pregnancy, that means a lot", Curry said of his wife.

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But then ESPN published side-by-side photos comparing his swollen right hand to his healthy left, and it seemed clear he was hurting.

"Self-inflicted. Post-game, after Game 1", explained James. A second was required later to determine there were no fractures.

Another frustrating Finals defeat has led some to believe James will look for a better basketball home, with better and smarter teammates.

Another suspenseful summer of "Where will LeBron go next?" is off and running. Over the course of the four-game series, Durant averaged 28.8 points, 10.8 rebounds, 7.5 assists and two blocks per game, while shooting 52.6 percent from the field, and 40 percent on deep. Kyle Korver, normally an excellent 3-point shooter, was useless to the Cavs in the Finals.

What better way to take down the Warriors than to unite two of the best minds in the game. But if the Pacers did end up losing, I wouldn't get to hear the end of how much "we sucked" until the end of the day, but regardless, I would still show up with my Victor Oladipo jersey on and a smile on my face. We've got a bunch of guys that don't care about anything but just being better basketball players every day and winning.