E3 2018: Sea of Solitude Trailer


Sea of Solitude is slated for an early 2019 release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Well, EA PLAY show at E3 2018, just concluded and among many details and various titles revealed, is a very unique indie title that seems to have caught our attention.

Following on from Unravel, Fe and A Way Out, the next EA originals title is Sea of Solitude.

We got our very first glimpse of Sea of Solitude way back in 2015.

Sea of Solitude is developed by Berlin game studio Jo-Mei.

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News of the game's release date came notably during EA's E3 press conference, and was accompanied by the game's second-ever trailer. The game's creative director, Cornelia Geppert, states, "When humans become lonely, they become monsters".

The game will be about loneliness, a theme that is close to its developer. Kay begins her journey to unravel what happened to her, on her way she finds out her enemies are not the huge monsters she encounters but something else far more risky. Join Kay as she navigates the waters of heartache, empathy, and hope.

The game is about a young woman named Kay whose strong loneliness transforms her into a crow-like monster. "When humans become lonely, they become monsters", said Geppert during the showcase. The goal is to make the emotions she feels as bell ends.

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